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Tal Makovski


Department of Psychology

University of Minnesota

75 East River Road, N504 Elliott Hall

Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-625-2779 (office)




Academic Appointments

11/2005-6/2007        Postdoc associate, Department of Psychology, Harvard University (Supervisor: Yuhong Jiang)

7/2007- now             Postdoc associate, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota (Supervisor: Yuhong Jiang)





Doctoral studies (straight Ph.D. program), department. of psychology, Tel Aviv University. Under the supervision of Professor Yehoshua Tsal. PhD received in 2005.


M.A studies in Cognitive Psychology at Tel-Aviv University. Summa cum Laude (95)


B.A in Psychology and Philosophy, Bar Ilan University. Magna Cum Laude (90.3)


High-school:  Ben-Zvi, Kiriat-Ono, a scientific class - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.






Teaching Assistant in "Experimental Psychology", Tel Aviv University.


Writer and reviewer of the MITAM test in the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation



            FedEx Israel, in charge of courier customs clearance.






1. Published or in press


Jiang, Y.V., Shim, W.M., & Makovski, T. (in press). Visual working memory for line orientations and face identities. Perception & Psychophysics>. (all authors contributed equally)

Makovski, T., Vazquez, G., & Jiang, Y.V. (2008). Visual learning in multiple object tracking. PLoS ONE, 5(3), e2228

Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (in press). Feature binding in attentive tracking of distinct objects. Visual Cognition.

Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (in press). Indirect assessment of visual working memory for simple and complex objects. Memory & Cognition

Makovski, T., Sussman R, & Jiang YV (2008). Orienting attention in visual working memory reduces interference from memory probes. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, & Cognition, 34(2), 369-380.

Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (2008). Proactive interference from items previously stred in visual working memory. Memory & Cognition, 36(1), 43-52.

Jiang, Y.V., Makovski, T., & Shim, W.M. (to appear). Memory for features, conjunctions, objects, and locations. In J.R.Brockmole (Ed.), Memory for the Visual World. Psychology Press.

Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (2007). Distributing versus focusing attention in visual short-term memory. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 14(6), 1072-1078.

Makovski, T., Shim, W.M., & Jiang, Y.V. (2006). Interference from filled delays on visual change detection. Journal of Vision, 6, 1459-1470.

Makovski, T. & Tsal, Y. (accepted pending revision). On the precedence of features vs. dimensions: Features and dimensions are inherently inseparable. Perception & Psychophysics.

Rausei, V., Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (2007). Attention dependency in implicit learning of repeated search context. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 60(10), 1321-1328.

Tsal, Y., & Makovski, T. (2006). The attentional white bear phenomenon: the mandatory allocation of attention to expected distractor locations. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance, 32, 351-363.


2. Submitted

Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (submitted). The role of visual working memory in attentive tracking of unique objects.

Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (submitted). Interdependence of multiple attentional foci.

Shen, Y.J., Makovski, T., & Jiang, Y.V. (in prep). Short-term visual memory for motion path.



Academic awards   


2004    Dan David Prize scholarship.

2005    Dean Excellence scholarship. 


Professional membership

Vision Sciences Society; Psychonomic Society (Associate Member).